by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper."

National Bolshevik bombs
headquarters at
explosion body parts and Santa Claus on acid
an idealist, without question
Vladimir Putin's approval base
Cato's forces in the 18th century
the legacy of the Great Helmsman
the reindeer died on the doorstep
Santa Claus had whipped it to death
got a blowjob from the elves
those fucking elves!
we threw open our borders
paying a hellish price for it
the North Pole is doomed!
cast aside ideology
four freedoms
a struggle for world hegemony
Santa Claus fucks the Easter Bunny
in the ass
Cristopher Columbus was a faggot kike
with separate lanes for cars and trucks
the sleigh got stuck in heavenly traffic
Santa Claus reading the paper
the first time I can remember
bombs blew up inside Christmas cats
why are they being forced?
cry for liberty among the drivers of negroes
enslaved to make toys and dildos
for children and cunts
formerly under German rule
manufacturing base for space ships
Santa Claus got his sleigh made there
North and South,
the Arctic and Antarctica:
eternal family feuds
(with limited expedient collaboration)
called on to lead the world
revoked his order
Lucifer writes its constitution
imperial overstretch is understatement
colonize the Coca-Cola world
let the colors fly:
red and white!
at the expense of our children
20% off
and the potential of new industry arising
has written before the war's end
inside the bunker:
with barely disguised machtpolitik
on his mind
the old man takes off the beard
and naked cuts his wrists
in a tub filled with warm water
this is how it all ends
Christmas on a platter:
blood gore guts
tasty sausage and foie gras
all eaten
but nothing digested
next year in Jerusalem
in Hell
in Detroit
the fires will consume the righteous
and finally awake
the angel will smite the wily willing
and the truth will shine
through the caves of the survivors
have seen the mighty hand of God
and finally realized:
Santa Claus is dead,
long live the Supersoldiers!

December 24, 2007

  Смерть Санта Клаусу!

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