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What is the NBF? Can you give us a brief description of your party?

The NBF or National Bolshevik Front is a social and political movement of  right-wing Russian nationalists with the ideology of National Bolshevism, developed by Ernst Niekisch and Nikolay Ustryalov, as the basis for our political activity. In terms of the structure of our organization, the NBF has a network system that unites associates and fighting brothers-in-arms - pure souls, "solar" persons (Sonnenmenschen), true fighters for the cause of National Bolshevism.

Our network structure implies that every member of the organization, as well as every fellow sympathizer of ours, contributes to the common cause - the struggle of our organization. This contribution can manifest itself in
journalistic activity (either on the internet or in the press), financial support or taking part in legal street meetings and rallies, as well as in public actions of other allied parties. Our people also help organize legal and other aid to political prisoners, found guilty by the current regime of "instigating national dissension" (clause 282 of the Russian Criminal Code).

Sympathizers also take part in our activity - by distributing our newspapers and leaflets or promoting our ideology in other ways. Our ideal is not a "party" in the bourgeois-democratic meaning of this word, but an "order of sword-bearers" (a quote by Stalin) whose representatives are present in every strata of society and impose the ideology on the political process in our country.

2. Can you say a few words about your political life and career before the NBF?

Me and most of my comrades-in-arms were always consistent with an ideology which can be defined as radical left nationalism or National Bolshevism.

Before the NBF, most of us were members of the National Bolshevik Party, led by Edward Limonov. But we left the party when Limonov actually perverted our ideology, turning it into radical left liberalism and brought a lot of  left-wing liberal hooligans to the NBP.

3. What is the essence of the ideology of the NBF?

As an answer to the question we can provide a quote from the "Declaration of the NBF":The NBF - is a movement for radical state power (etatism) and the priority of the nation over everything else. The NBF - is a movement for a strong,
Russia. The Russian nation is open for everyone. Being Russian is a religion, not blood or genes only. A person without a nation and without a state is a zero and a swine, not a "paragon of animals."
Russia and the Russian nation (people) - are our highest values! We do not care if everything is dead, degenerate or gone - Russia must live, Russians must be happy and live in a glorious state! The rest is of no importance to us!
We are the unity of the chosen ones, expiated and pure.
The NBF will not only restore Great Russia (in terms of territorial
greatness of the
USSR) but will also create the Great Aryan Empire from Gibraltar to Vladivostok! Everything will belong to us! Our core slogan is: "Russia is everything, the rest is nothing!"

4. Tell us about your activities. What actions do you perform?

It is enough to mention our large-scale campaign for liberating Nazarov and Gerasimov, our comrades, accused of "instigating national dissension" and thrown into prison by the ruling regime. Our campaign turned out to be successful and our comrades were released.

We constantly occupy ourselves with propagating our ideas as well as other various street actions. We are also quite active in speaking in political clubs and working with young people. For example, we spoke at the political club of the
Moscow University department of Physics and Technology.

5. Were you influenced by the ideology which was developed by the German National Bolshevik movement (1920s-30s), Ernst Niekisch to be precise?

I can say that the works of Ernst Niekisch influenced me and my comrades greatly. We consider Niekisch to be one of the founders of National Bolshevism (the way we understand this movement).

6. What is your attitude towards the NPD (National Democratic Party of

I support the NPD as I consider the German National Democrats our future brothers-in-arms for the common future of the White World.

7. Do you think that a Russian-German alliance is possible in the future?

Yes, I think it is possible in the nearest future since we have common aims.


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